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Limited-Watches has compiled a list of resources, websites with an extensive, in-depth information in the subject of watchmaking and horology. Also, we have included interesting articles and new feeds that we found to be very informative.

1)    Rolex official website for all new models and news from the company:

2)    The history of the Rolex company by Limited-Watches: Rolex History by Limited-Watches

3)    An interesting article comparing the new Rolex Daytona 116500LN to the regular model 116520 from Hodinkee. 
       Link To Article

4)    Great database to review your watch manufacuring date - Click the following Link

5)    Cartier has long been the source for high end jewelry and watches, nowadays they even list the retail price
       Check out their website by clicking the link: Cartier Website 

6)    Limited-Watches is an authorized Rubber B dealer. If you wish to order a strap from our store, you can view all of the Rubber B Straps

7)    The most expensive Rolex ever sold at Auction the Rolex Paul Newman, an article by Forbes.
       Read here 

8)    A great review of the vintage Omega man on the Moon watch - Read the review