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Steps of how to send your watch for service


Servicing your watch is a vital part of keeping your timepiece in good shape mechanically. 
It's like changing oil or doing a service on a car, you must always maintain your watch to perform well and keep accurate time.  

Our watchmakers are trained and have many years of experience in the field of watchmaking. 
Not only that, our service department features state of the art tools that allow us to make sure your watch is 
secure and waterproof when it leaves our shop in San Francisco. Below are what a service consists of, other services that 
we offer, and our rates. Limited Watches only uses original watch parts in in accordance to the manufacturers specifications. 
Some of the watches we service are: Rolex, Cartier, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Omega, Breitling, and Hublot. 

Service Consists of the following Steps: 

1) Movement Take-Down, inspection for wear or damage
2) Parts go through three cleaning baths and rinse to remove dirt and old oil.
3) Parts / Jewels are hand lubricated with proper Rolex Spec. Lubricants.
4) Mainspring is replaced and/or cleaned and lubricated.
5) Movement and Auto-Rotor are re-assembled and checked.
6) Hands and dial indexes are cleaned and re-assembled.
7) Case and bracelet are detail cleaned and re-finished to factory Specs.
8) Acrylic crystals are all replaced with factory new. Sapphire / seals only.
9) Crown, Tube and Case seals are replaced, Watch Re-Assembled
10) Electronically tested and regulated in three positions, pressure tested
11) Waterproof exam is conducted and tested using our special machine in-house 


Service: $795.00
Complicated Watches Service: $950 (For example: Rolex Daytona, Chronograph, moon phases, triple calendars) 
Complete polish and detail: $300.00
Dial change: $125.00
Sapphire crystal change: $100.00
Redo Rolex dials $350 
For the cost of parts please inquire by sending an email to our service department at

Address to send your watch for service:

L.W. Inc.
888 Brannan St. # 1045
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please include your details such as; Name, Address, Phone number and e-mail so we may contact you once your service is complete.