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How to Measure Your Wrist Size

Measuring your wrist has never been so easy. Now you can just print this easy to use page and cut out the ruler along the lines. The 0cm/0 inches are where you start to measure your wrist, wrapping the ruler around your wrist and seeing how comfortable it fits. You can loosen or tighten to a desired fit. Our watchmakers will try to make sure you get the most comfortable fit possible. But please keep in mind that metal bracelets (steel, yellow gold, white gold or platinum) cannot be exactly sized to your measurements, so therefore we will always size the bracelet one size up.

Bracelet sizing policy

  • Bracelet sizing is a free service provided as a courtesy at no extra charge by Limited Watches Inc. Sizing is done by our watchmakers prior to shipping the watch to you. We do not guarantee that the sizing will fit you perfectly. You may need to visit your local watchmaker for a perfect bracelet fit.
  • Any links removed in the process will be included for you in the package.
  • Watches sized and bought from Limited Watches will follow our regular return policy guidelines without any special consideration for returns.
  • This is just a guideline to help you measure your wrist; we don’t accept returns based on sizing errors as this is a free service for our clients.

Printing this page 

For best results, please make sure your print setup on your computer is set to 100% normal size and the option “Fit To” is not selected. Please double check the sizing by aligning the printed picture to a ruler. Print This Page.

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