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Owning a Rolex watch means that you must maintain your watch and keep it in great shape. It is recommended that you service your Rolex watch every 3 to 5 years. Beyond that, you must make sure the watch is working well. Using a watch winder every night is a great idea to keep your watch moving even while you are sleeping. What are some of the guidelines to keep your watch in top shape. Keep your watch oiled and timed, even if the watch is keeping excellent time, the mechanism can dry up. Make sure you open it from time to time and have a watchmaker review it and oil it. The crown must always be screwed tightly in for air pressure and water to stay away. The watch will be waterproof and it takes several steps to ensure the waterproof is guaranteed. As you wear the watch, make sure the crown is securely tightened all the way.

Every watch that is sold through the Limited Watches website comes with our extensive guidelines and policies of how to keep your watch in top shape. Mechanically and aesthetically, our watchmakers will ensure your timepiece is in excellent working order for many generations to enjoy.