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Return policy:
All of our items are authentic and in perfect working condition. As members of the International watch & Jewelry Guild and The National Watch & Clock Association, we only offer authentic watches. We provide our customers with a seven days inspection period, to verify and confirm the authenticity of the watch, the condition, and working order. 
Should the customer decide to return his preowned watch for any reason other than the one above, a 15% restocking fee will be applied. 
All Sales On Unworn Watches Are Final.

Please note that refunds will be given within 14 business days using the same form of payment that was used at checkout.

All sales on customized watches (using the customizer) and special order watches are final as well.

We accept all major credit cards within the USA for up to $10,000.00. 

Please ship all returns to our San Francisco shop at:

L.W. Inc.
888 Brannan St. # 1045
San Francisco, CA 94103

Aftermarket/Custom Diamond Dials: 
Limited Watches sells outright or with an exchange Rolex Diamond dials for many models. We understand that sometimes our customers prefer to buy the dial outright, and have their own watchmaker switch the dial on their watch, and then send the exchange dial. However, please follow this terms & conditions when buying a dial. First, please indicate your model number, year (serial number), and the metal (if it is two tone or stainless steel). Secondly, once you accept the dial and give it to your watchmaker to install on the watch, you the customer take full responsibility in case there is damage to the dial that goes beyond shipping or faulty merchandise.

Aftermarket/Custom Diamond Bezels: 
Limited Watches Inc. is a leader in selling and installing Diamond Bezels on Chanel, Rolex, and Cartier upon the customer request. We understand that sometimes our customers prefer to have their local watchmaker install the diamond bezel for them. Please note that Limited Watches Inc. will not be held responsible if your local watchmaker damages the bezel in any way. That does not include receiving a damage bezel or a bezel that does not fit. In a case where you received a damaged bezel or one who does not fit your watch, Limited Watches Inc. will fix your problem by replacing the bezel. Please check carefully the model of your watch & metal to make sure you order the correct bezel. Please provide us with the model number and year so we can send you the correct bezel. 
At any rate, you can always send your watch to our San Francisco office and have it installed by our professional certified watchmaker.