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When you send your valuables to Limited Watches via UPS or FedEx you should follow these easy-to-use guidelines that will help you understand how the process works and the steps you need to take;

First you would need to gather all of the watch accessories that came with it upon the initial purchase. 
Including but not limited to the original box, booklets, tags, or any extra links that were removed during the sizing of the watch. For jewelry, a certificate if the diamond is GIA certified or a receipt from the store where you purchased the jewelry or diamond from is sufficient. 
After you have gathered all of those pieces along with the receipt, you should carefully box it in a package that doesn’t show any sign of what’s inside. It is always best to pack everything at home prior to arriving at UPS or FedEx store. 
The label that was emailed to you is fully insured and has our store address, which is: Limited Watches Inc. 1850 Union St. # 1 San Francisco, CA 94123 

The package is insured for the full replacement value of your valuable against any theft or damage during shipping. It is NOT necessary to purchase any additional insurance as the package is already fully insured. When you arrive at UPS or FedEx location, make sure to double box the watch. 
Place it in a small or medium box and then put that box in a larger box. 
This helps fight against any possible theft or damage to the package. DO NOT write anything associated with jewelry, or watches, or even our company name on the box whatsoever! 
Because our company name is Limited Watches you may use the abbreviation of L.W. to avoid theft.

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