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Q: What is the quality of diamonds you use on your dials or Bezels?

A: The diamond quality on most bezels are SI2 with GH color and Vvs1 for the dials. Our sport model bezels are Vs2 GH Color. All bezels are fit to be water resistant and not waterproof. Please note Limited-Watches will offer warranty on watches damaged by water. 

Q: Is my information secure when ordering from Limited-Watches website?

A: Yes, all of the information is encrypted by an SSL certificate and we follow the US regulation of privacy to ensure all of your data is kept private. For additional information please review our Privacy Policy here.

Q: Is color change possible on ladies and mens customized watches? And if so what is the charge?

A: Limited-Watches will be glad to replace your dial with another color for a nominal fee. Please consult your sales representative for additional info. You may call 1-800-972-0083 or simply email with your order number to

Q: My Swiss Watch needs service, do you guys service all watches?

A: Yes, our repair department handles all watches from Cartier, Omega, Breitling to Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philipe. We have stuff of expert watchmakers who have the expertise and knowledge in servicing your Swiss High-End watch. For repair details please click here.

Q: Do you sell authentic Rolex watches?

A: Yes, all of our watches are 100% authentic. We have been selling authentic Rolex watches for the past 15 years and have an outstanding A+ record with the Better Business Bauru. Every watch that enters our shop goes through a 10-step inspection process that ensures it keeps excellent time and it is in an aesthetically showroom condition.

Q: Would you let me trade my watch back or buy it back for the full value?

A: We would let you trade your watch back for 70% of the purchase price and the same goes to buying back your watch. If you bought a watch for $10,000, we would buy it back for $7,000. That is to give you an idea of the value of your watch.