Given the current situation of high-tension in both the political and cultural realm of the Unites States, there have been some truly surprising situations where big name brands are stepping up and using their names to try and help bridge the gap between gender inequality. There’s no hiding the fact that 2017 was a very tense and tumultuous year for our country. However, in a beautiful twist of fate, some of the largest brands like Cartier, Patek Philippe and Rolex have stepped up their involvement to try and curve the current national and global situation. 

     All the big name companies listed above are not only crafting more exquisite watches and fine jewelry exclusively for women, but they are doing so in a way that is being marketed directly to women entrepreneurs. Companies like Rolex are releasing more new watches like the Pearlmaster, which is a decadent display of art in the form of an extremely elegant watch. Along with Rolex, Patek Philippe is also making and releasing more watches made and marketed for women such as their new Chrono 24 ladies watch. And similar to Rolex and Patek, Cartier is leading the way in this new movement to make and market more gender equal lines of jewelry and watches for women. Either by increasing the size of the women’s watches, making them as fancy as the men’s watches or even marketing them directly towards successful businesswoman, all three companies are showing great character to make an effort to initiate gender equality within the high fashion industry.

    Besides actually making and marketing more women’s watches geared towards powerful businesswomen. Companies like Cartier and Rolex have created certain programs designed to literally sponsor and empower certain qualified business professional ladies in various industries. Rolex’s "Awards for Enterprising" program has recently combined with "Empowering Women" to create a program that helps women use their skills to achieve a livable income and create social transformation in their respected countries. Rolex has used its fame to try and help shed more light on the dire situation that women in third-world countries face everyday.

    Cartier in their own right has been the front runner in empowering women entrepreneurs with their program called "CartierVoice". The program has been praised by Forbes as a, “Catalyst for Success for Women in Business with Social Impact”. The program aims at “sponsoring” businesswoman who have immense potential to make social impacts but don’t necessarily have the means to get there as fast as the would like. The program was initiated in 2006 and as stated on the Cartier website it aims, "to encourage inspirational women entrepreneurs worldwide to solve contemporary global challenges by supporting and recognizing creativity”. Cartier continues to be the shining light in the new era of women’s equality within the high fashion industries of watches and jewelry. 

    Furthermore, besides the programs designed to specifically encourage growth and equality within the world and workplace, we can expect to see the same trend of designing and marketing more new watches championing successful businesswoman and entrepreneurs.