Montres Tudor SA is a Rolex subsidiary that started producing the Tudor Watches on March 6th, 1946. The brand was the brainchild of the Legendary Rolex Watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf in an attempt to create a wristwatch that was as reliable and respected as the Rolex, but that was sportier and more accessible to the common man. The Tudor Watches became distinguished for their waterproof screw down casebacks and crowns that defined the watch as a more sporty and everyday watch. For the next four decades after the release of the Tudor, their watches became synonymous with reliability and robustness. So much so, that many of the world’s militaries adopted the Tudor dive watch, co-opting and implementing its use for their tactical diving soldiers. Most notably, it was the French Navy Seals who incorporated the use of the Tudor watches.  

       After enjoying almost a half a century of success, the Tudor watch-company lost their way and brand identity that led to the eventual pause in production and selling around the turn of the century. Some say that the company lost its way trying to recreate cheaper versions of the Rolex to fill the incessant demand from the Far East. In any event, by 2004 the Tudor-branded watch sales were discontinued indefinitely in the U.S.  

       It wasn’t until 2008 that a group of business men and watch aficionados came together united behind the sole purpose of bringing the Tudor brand back to life and redefining its rightful place in the watch world. In 2013 they did just that, re-launching and re-entering the American market with style and innovation. Some will even go as far as saying it was the greatest single brand revival in the last decade! They accomplished this great feat by deeply understanding the wants and needs of the modern watch collector who craves for things vintage but with a touch of modernity. The Tudor heritage watch is globally known as the most genuine sport watch that captures the essence of vintage Tudor watch, but yet proudly boasts its modern style. 

Today Tudor continues to push the limits of their brand with their new “Dare to Be Brave” campaign enlisting the help of the Global Pop star Lady Gaga as their brand ambassador. We can expect to see Tudor releasing more and more retro-modern watches such as the Heritage, North Flag, and Pelagos that continue to define the Timepiece industry.