2017 is almost in the rear-view mirror and it is time to reflect on the trends of 2017 and the trends coming upon us in 2018. We have noticed that in 2017 bigger watches for women were the new trend. That was when Rolex unveiled their new 28mm case diameter Rolex ladies, the Pearl Master upgrade to 39mm and the midsize non-date increased to 39mm as well. Many clients found the 26mm case size, ladies Rolex to be too small and have since flocked to purchase the bigger case diameter watches. Men watches on the other hand had a reverse result. It seems that 2017 brought back the classic models in the 40mm and 36mm respectively, Submariner and Preisdent. The 40mm Submariner and Daytona have increased in popularity and price and the newer bigger models have decreased in demand. That was the result for the Rolex Deepsea Seadweller which decreased in popularity and price in 2017. 

What are then some of the more popular watches that one would bring with on his or her vacation? Well according to our website, the Daytona, Submariner two tone and Submariner stainless steel, and the Yachtmaster II in steel were the most popular in the men section, while the new Rolex Datejust in 28mm and the Midsize 31mm classic look in two tone or steel were the most popular by women.

Based on 2017 trends we can predict that watch manufacturers will increase case sizes for men and women as well as add more colorful dials and gem stones to their watches cases’ and bezels’. Rolex is set to unveil their Rolex Gmt-Master with black and red ceramic bezel, also known as coke bezel, which will generate very strong demand.

Other companies to watch for are Omega and Patek Philippe which will unveil their 2018 collection early next year.