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Selling high-end watches online and getting the most value possible can be cumbersome and stressful. You need someone who will always give you above market value. Our company searches the web every day to see what is the market value on many different models from Rolex, Cartier, Patek, Panerai and more. We value our clients trust in us as we have been selling and buying Rolex, Cartier, Patek, Panerai, and Omega watches for the past 15 years.

Some of the reasons you should sell to Limited Watches are:

1)   You will always get top value for your watch from Limited Watches. Why? Because we have clients and wholesalers willing to pay top dollars for Rolex, Cartier, Patek, Panerai and more. When you sell to us you get paid more because we sell directly to the consumer.

2)    Get paid fast. Ever heard of the term get paid yesterday? Our company motto is to get our clients paid lighting fast. Once we receive your watch, it takes us one day to verify the information, such as: serial number, case, movement, ownership, etc., and then we wire you the money or FedEx it to you.

3)    No pressure of selling your high-end watches or jewelry to Limited Watches. Our company exists because of years and years of reputation and word of mouth. Over the years we have attained thousands of satisfied customers who love our service. We never pressure the seller with used-car salesman tactics to fool you into selling your timepiece or jewelry. Some have a sentimental value for their possession, so we must pay close attention to the details and respect each seller’s concerns.
4)    Discrete selling environment. At Limited Watches we don’t disclose or share any information about the transaction that occurred within our store. Each watch we buy is completely private and we have kept it that way since 2002.

5)      Never pay for the shipping of your valuables. Limited Watches will always pay for the shipping of your watch or jewelry to our store, and in the event that we don’t end up making a deal, we will ship your timepiece right back to you. It’s that simple - we don’t nitpick over the small stuff. 

6)    Receive money or credit at our store. When we purchase your watch, we give you a cash price. The cash price and trade in price are the same, unlike many other watch and jewelry stores who try to increase the “trade in price” while increasing their own “products’ prices”. If you decide that you want to use the money to buy a different watch from us, you can simply use that credit to buy any other watch from inventory. This is another benefit to you.

7)    We have partnered with local communities and nonprofit organizations that will allow a client to distribute some of the money from the purchase of his watch or jewelry, to causes that he or she finds suitable. Clients can now have an impact in the San Francisco area, depending on one’s preference. Donating time or money to nonprofit organizations in San Francisco helps improve our communities and the quality of life in San Francisco.