What to pick when choosing a new, or pre owned Rolex watch ? that is a great question. First, if you are a female you can now choose many Mens size Rolex watches. Such as Submariner, Gmt master and others, it is very trendy to weat these. Here is the Submariner 2 tone watch, which can be worn by women and men alike.

Moreover, women do not want to wear the small size 26mm ladies Rolex anymore. Big size matters ! Also the type of business you are in make a big factor in the decision to buy a new Rolex watch.

For the business man & women, a Rolex President would be a good choise since its easily recognisable and fancy looking. Fot those who are into sports, the Yachtmaster & the Gmt master are the ones to pick.

Here is the Gmt master watch in all its glory.

Notice, that it has the outer ring bezel. That is a sporty look and the watch can take a good beating as well. Just try it. You can swim, dive, hike and climb mountains with it and still keep it clean and nice. People often customize these with diamond dials. The reason for doing this is to make it both elegant and rugged at the same time.

This is one of the dials used on the Gmt master. It is a silver color with diamonds and ruby stones. This dial is custom made. This is another good bit of info for you. What is a custom made dial ? Its an original Rolex dial that was taken off of a Rolex watch, and was painted with color and diamonds were added by us.




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