The Clock Doesn’t Stop on Used and Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

July 29th, 2008

The Clock Doesn’t Stop on Used and Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

The market for used and pre-owned Rolex watches has risen steadily over the last couple of decades as more people desire Rolexes for their design, craftsmanship, and enduring value. Given the current state of technology and its impact on our lives, it’s easy to forget that wristwatches barely existed a century ago. Pocket watches were the only real option, and the main obstacle to wristwatch production was that the moving parts inside a watch could not be made small enough to fit in a wristwatch and still meet the standards for accuracy and performance. Then in 1908, a German named Hans Wildorf founded Rolex with his brother-in-law and from that point forward, personal timekeeping would never be the same.

Not only did Herr Wildorf make Rolex watches small enough to fit comfortably on a wrist, he also invented the world’s first truly waterproof watch and a few years later, the world’s first self-winding watch, the Rolex Perpetual. These are some of the many highlights in the history of Rolex watches  and the extraordinary people who built the company through their relentless pursuit of precision and exceptional craftsmanship.

These days, the Rolex name is one of the most recognized brands all over the world and people have no qualms about buying a used or pre-owned Rolex, as everyone knows they are built to last and withstand extraordinary conditions. Rolexes have descended to the deepest recesses of the Marianas Trench, circled the wrists of climbers who have reached the summit of Mount Everest, and even accompanied astronauts into space. Despite the demands of these radically different environments, Rolex watches maintained their ability to keep incredibly accurate time without interruption.

Perhaps the intrinsically human want to associate ourselves with excellence inspires people to purchase used Rolex watches or, to use the currently popular term, pre-owned Rolex watches. Or maybe it is the fashion statement that a Rolex watch makes in any milieu. It also may be the simple satisfaction of having a personal accessory that will continue to perform reliably year after year in all conditions. Whatever one’s motivation for buying a used Rolex may be, the market for pre-owned Rolexes continues to grow with no end in sight.

It’s hard to imagine that the arrival of quartz digital watches in the late 60s and early 70s almost made mechanical watches obsolete. As consumers flocked to inexpensive digital models flooding the marketplace, many Swiss watch manufacturers scrambled to revamp watch production, but Rolex steadfastly stuck to its values and time-tested production methods. That persistence paid off a few years later when one particular pre-owned Rolex model became prized by collectors in Europe and throughout America. Rolex produced only one model of the quartz watch in a limited production run and today, it’s one of the most sought-after pre-owned Rolex watches by collectors.

The demand for the Rolex quartz is dwarfed by collectors’ enthusiasm and desire for another model. The first Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona was introduced in the late 60s and featured a built-in stopwatch that was a practical tool for racing car time trials, as well as a variety of other uses, from horse racing to track and field events. Because of the boom in digital watches at the time, Rolex produced a relatively small number of Paul Newman Daytonas, but in the 80s, it became a must-have for serious collectors of used Rolex watches and as prices soared, they became harder to find.

These are only a couple examples of used Rolex watches indicative of the value that pre-owned Rolex watches retain over time. While the resale value is exceptionally enduring, most people more often purchase used Rolexes for uniquely personal reasons. No matter what the reason for purchase, a pre-owned Rolex allows one to touch the past, and despite the age of the instrument, each piece resonates with the uncompromising standards of workmanship and quality materials synonymous with the Rolex name. It is of no surprise that the market for used Rolex watches is hot and expected to remain so for the foreseeable future.
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The Many Faces of Rolex Bezels, Customizing Your Rolex Watch

July 29th, 2008

The Many Faces of Rolex Bezels, Customizing Your Rolex Watch

It’s no secret that Rolex watches  set the standard for luxury timepieces, being the choice for discriminating individuals for over a century. Indeed, the Rolex name has become synonymous with superb design, craftsmanship, reliability, and performance and people all over the world choose Rolex chronographs not only because they measure time with exquisite accuracy, but they also measure the wearer’s sense of style and professional accomplishments. A Rolex chronograph gracing a wrist anywhere throughout the world implies that the wearer will settle only for the very best and has the financial means to get it.

Customizing your Rolex Watch

These days, Rolex owners have many more options for customizing their Rolex watches  than were available just a generation ago. Rolex customization options not only express a sense of individuality and style, but also add significant value to an owner’s investment. Artisan jewelers are responding to this demand by offering customized Rolex dials, bezels, bracelets, lugs, clasps, and other watch components inspired by the Rolex owners’ imagination and the jeweler’s skills.

Customized Rolexes sport precious and semi-precious gemstones on the clasps, mother of pearl dials  inlaid with different cuts of diamonds, bracelets crafted from precious metals, and bezels accented with a variety of gems. This article focuses on customizing your Rolex watch with a variety of different bezels to add a bit of panache and make it uniquely yours.

Rolex Bezels

A bezel is the ring that surrounds the watch face and holds the crystal in place. In many cases, the bezel rotates and enhances the functionality of the watch. But for many Rolex owners, the bezel presents another opportunity for customization. Initially, customized Rolex bezels  were commissioned by fashion-conscious ladies who wanted to make their Rolex truly unique and challenge their favorite jewelers with increasingly elaborate designs. Today, many men are choosing to enhance the value of their Rolexes with customized bezels and skilled jewelers the world over are responding to this trend and making Rolex bezels that catch the eye from across a room.

Let’s start with the metal options for bezels. 18K gold is the most popular choice year after year as its luster, feel, and ability to enhance the look of precious gems have endured for millennia. 18K white gold bezels are the second most popular as they impart the same warm feel on the skin as yellow gold but have a beauty that is more understated while still providing the desired properties of elegance and malleability. In recent years, artisan jewelers have responded to demand by crafting custom Rolex bezels in other metals such as platinum, titanium, and even stainless steel.

Rolex bezels customized with gemstones elevate the trend to another level. Diamonds are, and always have been, the gemstones of choice for Rolex bezels, with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other precious gems rounding out the field. Rolex owners are also increasingly commissioning custom bezels with other gems, namely amethyst, topaz, moonstone, garnet, citrine, peridot, tourmaline, polished coral, ivory, and even fossils!

The cut of the Rolex bezel also displays a wearer’s personal taste. The gemstones are fashioned in the traditional marquise, crown, pavilion, Old Single, Briolette, emerald, pear, and baguette cuts. However, demand drives innovation and new gem-cutting equipment and techniques allow even more elaborate designs, such as Navettes, French cuts, trapezes, triangle cuts, octahedrons, and gems cuts with concave facets.

Today, there are more options for customizing your Rolex watch  than ever before and jewelers must take extra care that the customized bezels and other watch components are crafted with the same workmanship, quality of materials, and precision that is synonymous with the Rolex name. This craftsmanship and attention to detail presents a unique challenge for artisan jewelers all over the world, inspiring them to rise above and beyond their current mastery of the trade to please the creative quest of their discerning clientele. If there is one prevailing theme to customizing your Rolex, it wouldn’t be ‘form follows function’; it would be ‘form fuels the imagination!`


Customizing Your Rolex Watch with Dials, Bezels, and Bracelets

July 29th, 2008

Customizing Your Rolex Watch with Dials, Bezels, and Bracelets

Due to new jewel-crafting techniques and technologies, customizing your Rolex watch is a very hot trend for those Rolex owners who want to mark their luxury timepieces as uniquely fashionable and to enhance its resale value. Customizing your Rolex watch has become so hot that there are artisan jewelers who specialize in crafting each Rolex component, as it requires exceptional skills in precious metals fabrication and production, exacting standards for quality of materials and craftsmanship, and an intimate knowledge of gem cutting techniques and innovative designs. Each client presents a challenge for jewelers and with each project, their expertise with Rolex customization grows as well as their mastery of their craft.

Customizing your Rolex Dial

The dial or ‘face’ of a Rolex watch is the most visible of features and is generally the first thing that catches the eye even from across a room. While it must be said that Rolex dials are made with the same flawless workmanship and attention to detail that Rolex applies to the interior mechanisms and other components, customizing your Rolex dial imparts another level of luxury and individuality. Options for customizing the dial of a Rolex abound and are limited only by the finite space the interior of a Rolex affords and the intrinsic properties of the materials themselves.

18K yellow gold remains the most popular choice for customized Rolex dials for its natural luster and ability to enhance and flatter any gemstone, especially diamonds. 18K white gold dials imply understated elegance and are popular choices for showcasing the gems of color, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and the like. A stainless steel Rolex dial imparts that the wearer is a self-motivated, take-charge individual who prefers practicality over ostentation. Flawless mother-of-pearl dials are popular choices for ladies who prefer the natural warmth of the nacre that accentuates the rings on their fingers. But perhaps the most dramatic choice for customizing your Rolex dial is a polished black onyx dial which seems to absorb light and deepen the beauty of the bracelet and bezel.

Customizing your Rolex Bezel

The bezel is the ring surrounding the crystal of a Rolex that protects and holds it in place. A bezel can be customized in a variety of ways and is most often crafted from precious metal. The bezel is exposed to the most contact and potential damage so it is imperative that the metal of the bezel is durable and can withstand the occasional inadvertent contact with a door frame or other hard knocks. Bezels are frequently constructed of 18K white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, resistant to wear and able to hold precious gems fast in their mounts.

Customizing your Rolex watch with a ceramic bezel is a relatively new option with little or no capability for holding gems but when polished to a high shine with numbers etched into the surface that are filled with gold, it has an unique elegance all its own that some people prefer. When it comes to gemstone choices for Rolex bezels, diamonds are undoubtedly the most popular choice. Their ability to throw light and draw the eye is unparalleled and after all, that’s the reason for customizing your Rolex watch, isn’t it? Other gems, like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are also used in combination for bezel customization because their own natural beauty makes a statement about the wearer and their discerning fashion sense.

Customizing your Rolex Bracelet

Customizing the bracelet of your Rolex presents many of the same options as mentioned above, but the key determinant seems to be how the material feels against the owner’s skin. 18K yellow and white gold are again the most popular choices, with platinum a distant third. Because of the sheer amount of surface area on a bracelet and clasp, the bracelet is an excellent option for where Rolex customization. Different configurations and combinations of metals create unlimited customization options and each link of the bracelet can hold several gems with types and combinations only limited by the owner’s imagination and budget.

Customizing your Rolex watch with dials, bezels, and bracelets is a uniquely personal endeavor. Owners frequently take a great deal of time to weigh their options before making a final decision. They pore over trade magazines and surf the Internet for inspiration and ideas. It is not uncommon for owners to discover that they’ve had so much fun customizing their Rolex, they start looking for another Rolex to customize shortly after the jeweler has been commissioned to perform the personalization on the first piece!
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Rolex Watch Cleaning

July 29th, 2008

Wash your Rolex  from time to time in moderately warm water, using a mild soap and a soft brush. If you used the watch in salt water (the ocean) you should rinse the watch in fresh water to remove slat and sand off of it.
Avoid excessive wear between links.
You will need to have the bracelet properly sized so it will fit around your wrist.
That way you will avoid dirt and dust collected between the bracelet links.
Dirt will actually act as sandpaper grinding the metal away.

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Rolex Watch Models for All Seasons

Rolex watches were among the very early luxury class watches in the world, with the first created in England at the beginning of the 20th century. The brand started off as ‘W&D’ before the creators changed the brand name to Rolex. There still can be found some earlier antique versions with this brand for the passionate collectors. Rolex watches rolled into production in 1915 and have since maintained mass production, turning the trademark into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. To date, Rolex is still the largest luxury watch producer in the globe.

The immense success with Rolex is a result of having the ability to produce a classy product for different seasons and for different individual tastes. There is a Rolex for everyone whether the buyer is seeking a Rolex for the first time or if they are building up a Rolex watch collection. Most Rolex watches are designed to go with almost any outfit. Some brands, however, are designed specifically for fashion purposes. These fall under the Cellini classification. In this case, we have the Rolex ladies, Quartz mens, Cellinium, the Prince and Castello versions. These mostly need matching attire for maximum elegance during special occasions.

Classy and Practical Fixes for Rolex Watches

Other brands in the Rolex family line are designed to handle specific functions. The Rolex Submariner, for instance, comes with waterproof finishes that enable the owner to enjoy deep-water dives of up to thousands of feet below sea level. Others like the Rolex GMT Master and the Rolex Datejust were designed with emphasis on the time-conscious user who needs time and date accuracy blended with style. The uniqueness with Rolex is that it is the first watch producer in history to make wrist watches boasting such functional qualities. The Rolex Day-Date was also a first in this time category. Rolex also were first to have a certified chronometer on a wrist watch and as a trademark, Rolex pioneered in creation and adaptation of the first quartz technology watches.

Style and Caliber Rolex Mens Pieces

There are Rolex watches that completely wreak class and status. Many watches here are Rolex mens pieces. They top the list in terms of cost of purchasing, with most being viewed more as jewelry pieces rather than wrist watches. Most pieces here bear expensive fixes such as diamond encrusts coupled with expensive bracelet options. Here we have names like the Professional and Oyster Perpetual Rolex versions. The Rolex Diamond Dials, Rolex Masterpiece, the Daytona and others from the Rolex GMT family carry hefty price tags and as such should be shopped carefully. For modern pieces, prices start from just above $500 to almost $100,000. Some antique pieces may go over the top, with the highest on record ever going for just shy of half a million dollars.




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